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Swiping app where more and more relevant clothes are displayed for each swipe via relevance algorithm.

The idea of Trendmatch was to make a swiping app whose purpose is to make it easier for the user to browse clothes on the mobile. Trendmatch should act as a swiping app, just like Tinder, where instead of ladies, you’re swiping clothes.

Through an iterative process with a lot of user involvement we came to the conclusion that the app should make the shopping experience as personal as possible for the user. The solution was initially an MVP for iOS, which is now on App Store. The app is made with a backend that synchronizes with a Shopify Webshop with about 3000 products. Via an API, the app gets products to swipe, which is served to the user via an algorithm, so it is the most relevant products the user sees.

The app is made native with Xcode (Swift, Objective C). Backend is made in .NET CORE with an API that serves the products for the app.