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An app that reminds you to take your product on time and inform about news from Wellvita.

Wellvita is a Danish company where you can buy supplements, herbal remedies and natural medicines that improve your quality of life. In fact, Wellvita was the first online business in Denmark to order food supplements, herbal remedies and medicines directly from manufacturers and to consumers. The company had a desire to develop an app for iOS and Android that could remind their customers to take their products on time. Wellvita also wanted to be able to create news and send users a push message when a news was created.

A native iOS and Android app where a user can create medicine. Here, the user can choose which days, daily intake and which time the product should be consumed. In this way, the user is reminded to take his product on time and thus gets the most benefit from Wellvita’s products. The app is made so Wellvita can create news and send push message to their users when there is a news on the app.

The app is made native in Xcode (Swift, Objective C) and Android Studio (Java). For push notifications, OneSignal is used to send push messages. Firebase is used as a backend to make the news available in the app.